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    ShengNuoKE : Good gear reducer

    shengnuoke reducer
    excellence special to create

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    Wenzhou Shengnuoke Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.The company is set research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the modern professional gear reducer enterprise. High precision CNC gear company has the world's advanced level of gear grinding machine, OKUMA horizontal machining center, Japan,the introduction of automatic gear measuring center, can ensure that the mass production ofprecision up to 5-6 grade, excellent equipment, advanced management concept, high-quality staff team, to ensure that the products of high strength and low noise, high durable.

    Shengnuoke transmission main production R27-R167 series hardened helical gear reducer motor, S37-S127 series worm reducer, F27-F157 series parallel shaft helical gear reducer, K37-K187 series helical bevel gear reducer, HB series universal gear box, RV series miniature wormreduction gearbox, worm screw lift, SWL, JWM, X/B cycloid spiral elevator reducer, MB mechanical stepless variable speed machine, T, HD spiral bevel gear steering speed reductionmachine, P series planetary gear reducer, WP series worm gear speed reducer, and a variety of special non-standard design. Gear matching three-phase asynchronous motor, frequency conversion motor, brake motor, lifting motor and servo motor using non standard connection.

    Shengnuoke products are mainly used in petroleum chemical industry, construction,aerospace,electronics, metallurgy, ore equipment, packaging, environmental protection, three-dimensional garage, rubber, medical, ceramics, conveying, food machinery, elevator, escalator stage machinery and textile printing and dyeing and so on many fields.

    Wenzhou Shengnuoke drive adhering to the "innovation, reputation first, sincere service"business philosophy, refine on the. Take the customer demand as the center, to provideeconomic, reliable power transmission scheme for customer. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers choose our products. The company all staff will be happy to serve you, we would like to sincerely cooperate, create brilliance!