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    Title:Reducer to install and use of three Cautions

    Reducer to install and use of three Cautions

    1 , Prohibited hammering 
    The installation of the output;shaft gear couplings , pulleys, sprockets and other pieces of direct connection is not available when using the hammer method , due to the output shaft structure can withstand axial hammering , can suppress the shaft screw screwed into the screw couplings .

    2 , be sure to install ventilation cap ( bleeder screw )
    Clogging before use at the highest level should be put on the exhaust plugs ensure expel gas reducer running. If not promptly replaced, reducer running time , which results in gas reducer inside the seal swelling worse, and even gear oil spills.

    3 , the timely replacement of oil , with special attention for the first time
    Should be particularly noted that the first oil change , gear after the first run of 300 to 400 hours lubricating oil should be replaced after every oil change from 1500 to 2000 hours . Also in the harsh working conditions , high temperatures , dusty workplace should once every two weeks to check on the oil and found that replacement of oil lubricants dirt to keep the oil clean and extend the use of the gear unit life and improve economic efficiency. Replacement of oil means: let go of all the oil before , rinse , and then re- add the new oil .

        The above information is provided by the TaiYi Transmission, welcome new and old customers call to discuss ordering high-quality gear products.