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    Title:Reducer Selection have 7 Precautions

    Many types of gear, ratio and more, how to select the appropriate gear used, it is somewhat;cumbersome, but the choice of Which reducer , should note the following:
         1, the basic information : use conditions required torque (NM), motor power (KW), using the conditions required output speed (r / min), gear ratio (i)
         2, the deceleration in the form of machine : Direct motor and reducer , alone with other power-driven gear reducer structure is orthogonal axis , concentric axis , parallel to the axis or Other .
         3, the gearbox output shaft forms: hollow or solid shaft , flat keys or splines , single output or dual output , or need , such as flange or torque arm .
         4 , reducer Mounting : Foot mounted, flange installation also , torque arm mounting .
         5, the application on the type of equipment ? Specific conditions ? Load ? Work long hours, reduced working hours or intermittent work ? A light load , heavy or shock loads ? It decided to use the gear factor ( ie safety factor ) , usage, service life and so on.
         6 , the ambient temperature and working environment conditions : Are there dust , humidity , smoke , acid environment and so on.
         7 , the actual working conditions of torque, with the input speed reducer must be less than the allowable maximum torque and maximum input speed.