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    Title:The backlash of the precision planetary reducer

    The backlash, simply put, is fixed, the input gear clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the output, so the output of the rated torque generated +2% and -2%, the input gear has a slight angular displacement this angular displacement is the the backlash. Units are "points" that sixtieth yearly.


    General reducer, there is no the backlash this parameter. In other words, like the screw lift, steering gear box, gear reducer, worm reducer, etc., to meet the output torque, speed, etc., under the premise are rarely considered the backlash problem, so we can not find a sample in corresponding parameters.


    If the backlash is relatively high, and that Thailand is recommended that you use a reducer precision planetary reducer. Thailand a maximum precision planetary gear transmission characteristics of high-precision, large transmission capacity, can be equipped with DC motors, single-phase motors, synchronous motors and all kinds of three-phase asynchronous motors and other power sources. Precision planetary gear fully enclosed within plus high performance greases, maintenance-free life.