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    ShengNuoKE : Good gear reducer

    shengnuoke reducer
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    T Spiral bevel gear units

    This series of detailed parameters Download (PDF version)
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    Need to pay attention selection, installation, use, maintenance, etc.

    Product Overview:

    T series spiral bevel gear shift box, standardization, multi-species, the ratio of all the actual transmission ratio. The average efficiency of 98%. There are single-axis, double horizontal, single vertical axis, double the vertical axis is optional. Spiral bevel gear can reverse operation, smooth low-speed or high-speed transmission, and low noise and vibration, to withstand force. When the ratio is not 1:1, the horizontal input, output is decelerating vertical axis, vertical axis input, the horizontal output growth. 
    1, housing: high rigidity cast iron FC-25; 
    2, gear: high-quality high-purity alloy quenched 20CrMnT processing by carburizing and grinding together; 
    3, the spindle: high quality alloy steel 40Cr quenched high purity processing, with hanging load capacity. 
    4, bearing: with a heavy load capacity tapered roller bearings; 
    5, Seal: imported oil seal lips, with a high dust and anti-spill.

    T gear commutator Model: