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    ShengNuoKE : Good gear reducer

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    WB Miniature cycloid reducer


    This series of detailed parameters Download (PDF version)

    技術支持 技術文檔
    Need to pay attention selection, installation, use, maintenance, etc. 

    Product Overview: 

    1, WB series micro cycloid reducer with high-speed ratio and high efficiency single-stage transmission, can achieve reduction ratio 1:87, efficiency above 90%, if the use of multi-stage gear reduction ratio greater. 
    2, compact structure, small size thanks to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft axis of the output shaft in the same line to get the smallest possible size models. 
    3, smooth operation, low noise cycloidal gear teeth meshing more large overlap coefficient and mechanical balancing mechanism with the vibration and noise restricted to a minimum. 
    4, the use of reliable, long life due to the use of high-carbon chromium steel main parts materials, the quenching treatment (HRC58 ~ 62) high intensity, and the part in contact with a rolling friction drive, so long durable life. 
    5, reasonable design, easy maintenance, easy installation decomposition, the minimum number of parts and simple lubrication, so cycloid reducer trusted by the user. 
    6, WB series micro cycloid reducer in accordance with the principle of small teeth difference planetary transmission, cycloidal gear teeth meshing achieve a mechanical. The aircraft sub-horizontal, vertical, axis type and direct-type and other assembly methods, is the preferred equipment in metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, textile, light industry and other industries.

    Technical Parameters: 

    Drive ratio:Single-stage:9-87      Two-stage:121-1849


    1、Single-stage gear ratio models:WB65、WB85、WB100、WB120、WB150;
         Reduction ratio were:9、11、17、23、29、35、43、59、71、87。

    2、Two-stage reduction ratio models:WBE1065、WBE1285、WBE1510;

         Reduction ratio were:121、187、289、385、473、595、731、989、1225、1849。