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    ShengNuoKE : Good gear reducer

    shengnuoke reducer
    excellence special to create

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    ATA hanging gear reducer




    This series of detailed parameters Download (PDF version)

    技術支持 技術文檔



    Need to pay attention selection, installation, use, maintenance, etc. 

    Product Overview 

    1 body surface irregularities has a cooling effect, shock absorption and strong, low temperature rise, low noise. 
    2 sealing performance, the work environment adaptability. 
    3 high transmission accuracy, especially where there are frequent start adapt the work can be connected to various types of gear and configure various types of motor drive, the drive can be installed in the operating position of 90 degrees. 
    4 key zero parts using a high wear-resistant materials, and through special heat treatment, with high precision, smooth transmission, small size, large carrying capacity, long life and other characteristics. 
    5, ATA series hanging gear reducer, used in agriculture, commerce, telecommunications industry, food industry, tobacco industry, automobile industry, cement industry, mining, mixing stations and other belt conveyor systems.


    reducer Model: 

    ATA30 hanging gear reducer ATA45 ATA40 hanging hanging hanging gear reducer ATA60 ATA50 hanging reducer 
    ATA70 hanging gear reducer ATA100 ATA80 hanging hanging hanging gear reducer ATA125 
    ATA hanging gear reducer gear reducer reducer hanging